Hawk Creek Country Club EVENTS

2020 Event Schedule

Times are subject to change - please call 320-967-4653 for details!​

  • Monday, April 1: Clubhouse opens
  • MAY
  • Wednesday Morning Senior Scramble each week
    • Register by 9:00 am; tee off at 9:30 am
  • Thursday Night Scramble each week
    • Register by 4:00 pm; tee off at 5:30 pm
    • 5-person teams; HUGE $KIN$ game each week
  • Monday and Tuesday Night Golf League

Tournament spots are still available for the 2019 schedule - 

call 320-967-4653 with any questions!


Golfing Gals : Happy at Hawk

Additional Information

 *For a $5 weekly fee ($15 for non-members), participants will enjoy a special theme each week while golfing the course anytime between 2:30pm until sunset, with special event markers on 3 of the holes. Photos will be taken and posted each Thursday, and the "Most Adorable" and the "Zaniest" will receive recognition and a small prize on the following Wednesday.
*Dressing and/or preparing food for each week's theme is not mandatory (some weeks are simply too busy or hectic), but all who pay the weekly participant fee are entitled to vote as they enjoy the golfing,  tastes, admiration and giggles, along with a complimentary glass of Happy Creek Wine (red or white) from the nearby Hinterland Winery.
*Voting ballots will be given to each Golfing Gal; voting will close each Tuesday evening so that the winners can be announced as the new theme begins --this would allow any Golfing Gal to check out the photo board before casting their ballot, especially if they did not get to see every participant because of timing.
*When the theme is food-related, participants will have their food available for participants to sample after finishing their round.
*The three event winners will also receive a small prize, along with joyful recognition.  There will not be any prizes awarded for lowest scores, so Golfing Gals may choose to "compete" individually, or as a 2-person to 5-person scramble team.
*Weekly participation is not required, but signing up ahead of time for tee times is strongly encouraged. Bring along friends who are interested. Let the clubhouse know if you would like to be added to a golfing group or would like to have golfers join your group (4-5 in a group).

 Theme &                                                Date
-hat-                                                  June 5
-scarf/bandanna-                            June 12
-appetizer recipe-                           June 19
-stars & stripes-                              June 26
-sunglasses-                                    July 3
-veggie dip-                                     July 10
     (we'll provide the veggies)
-hosiery (socks)-                             July 17
-coordinated clothing-                    July 24
-dessert recipe-                              July 31
-earrings-                                         August 7
-bag bling and/or accessories-      August 14
-crockpot delight-                          August 21

*As summer progresses, some of these "rules" and themes may be subject to change -- with popular & positive input from Golfing Gal participants!